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Swami Vishwa Premananda

Swami Vishwa Premananda (Swamiji) is the inspirer of this organization. Swamiji left home in search of GOD at the age of 12 and traveled to various places in India. He visited many Ashrams and was in contact with many Sanyasis (Swamis). In his travel he met Swami Chaitanyananda in Uttar Kashi - Himalayas.

He was initiated as a Sanyasi by Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj at Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh - India. He also studied Sanskrit, English, Scriptures, Vedas etc. and mastered the art of YOGA.

In 1987 Swamiji went to Australia where he shared his knowledge of spiritual experience with various communities. He came to USA in 1989. In January 1991, seeing the dedicated needs of people to worship, he founded Portland Hindu Temple. He named it as Brahma Premananda Ashram.


Brahma Premananda Ashram

The name Brahma Prem Aananda is the combination of Brahma (i.e. God) + Prem (i.e. Love) + Ananda (i.e. Happiness).

The Present Ashram consists of about 2 Acres of land and is located in Tigard, Oregon ( a beautiful suburb of Portland, Oregon ).


In the Ashram, Swamiji performs various religious services and poojas. He also teaches Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama in the Ashram and in other parts of USA and Canada.


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Brahma Premananda Ashram (Portland Hindu Temple) is registered as a Non-Profit organisation under A501-(C)(3).

93-1056017, 27th Jul 1992
240858-88, 5th Apr 1991

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